Tuesday, March 13, 2007

more code

I get my first real test today. I will speak to a book club where each member has read "Philip's Code: No News is good News - to a Killer." The book is doing well. I will go on Amazon after I sell the latest batch of 100. I know the book will sell, but it will take a good agent or a break. It is definitely headed for a niche market, say people who believe in the "liberal media," which we all know is a myth, like global warming or evolution. Bet I ruffled some lefties with that. I think the news media has (stick "have." The wire services are so powerful as to comprise a monopoly and a singular. We don't say United States are, do we? Before the Civil War we did). The news business has bigger problems than mere bias. Betrayal of a public trust tops my list. When the competition provided by UPI vanished, absolute power filled the vacuum. We know what that does. Strange that this failing dovetails with the rise of the computer. That is why my book is dedicated t o all those who still believe the "pen is mighter than the mouse."

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