Saturday, October 4, 2008

MSM can run, but it can't hide - anymore

This just in!!!! Stop the presses!!! The San Francisco Chronicle finally reported Joe Biden's big goof about history, one that puts him in Bill C'linton's class for getting a press pass, meaning the press gives you a free pass (see earlier Clinton entry). None of this would matter except for the savaging Dan Quayle took about his spelling of potato.
The Chron's Joe Garofoli on Oct. 2 mentioned briefly that Biden said on television a week earlier that FDR appeared on TV when Wall Street crashed in 1929 and reassured the public. Hoover, not FDR, was president then and national TV was decades away. The Chron, and, I suspect, other papers, sat on Biden's miscue even though it was all over television and the net. Garofoli's story came after a letter to the editor complained.
The Chron has also been silent on another subject a lot of people are talking about: Nancy Pelosi's statement on TV about the Catholic teaching on abortion. The San Francisco archbishop, in a front page story in Catholic San Francisco, challenged her.
The lesson for today is: Newspapers are not the only game in town and now can be caught with their pants down. NEWS is the important part of newspaper, not PAPER.